Ministries for Youth and Teens

FOTM Schedule, 2018


Housing Sewanee Work Day Sunday April 15,               

Otey Youth/Fire on the Mountain Youth group will be working on a Housing Sewanee site. Mickey Suarez has volunteered to lead our group. This is the same site we helped clear almost two years ago. The house is up and has a roof. We will be doing work inside.

Help others, learn new skills, and have fun.  

          We will meet at Brooks Hall after the 11AM Otey service for pizza. Then we will shuttle over to the site (on the east side of Sherwood Road a little over a mile south of Highway 41A (just north of the south end of the Garnertown Road ; loop).  We will work until 3 PM or 4 PM, depending on what kind of help is needed.

Please join us for this great opportunity to help others, learn new skills, and have fun.  

Neil will send out an Evite in the next couple of days.

Saturday, May 26 to Friday June 1. Otey Youth Mission Trip to Pensacola, Florida and the east Alabama coastal area.   

Mark your calendars.  Evite to follow very soon. 

Neil  Patterson, Youth Director


Otey Youth, Parents, and Friends.

Below is the Flyer for the Sons and Daughters of Abraham Peace Summit which will be held here in Sewanee on April 28.  Youth Groups from other places (Nashville, Brentwood, and other exotic places) and other Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism and Islam) as well as other Christian youth groups will be coming to Sewanee to have fun  and to allow us all to learn more about each other's religions and to think more about our own Christian faith.  

Do not miss this.  These Peace Summits are always AWESOME!  Ask any Otey Youth who has previoiusly attended and you won't want to miss this great event.

You will need to register online to pay for the event (Click on the FLYER, below). http:// I will be sending out an Evite so that I can be sure that I have enough adult chaperones and drivers to get to our group hike over in Grundy County.  I will also try to stay in touch with Betty Carpenter (one of the SADOA founders) to see who is registering.  

Interfaith dialog rocks!  Having fun is fun.  Come and do both at the Peace Summit.

Neil Patterson, Youth Ministry Director












You may contact Neil Patterson at with any questions.  “Regular” meetings include something fun, something spiritual and food. 



 omething spiritual and food.