How We Worship

As creatures bearing the divine image, our highest privilege is to worship our Creator and enjoy Him forever. Therefore, worship is the incentive of all we do at Otey Memorial. In worship 

we are lifted into God’s presence and hear Jesus’ invitation to become his disciples. In worship the Holy Spirit strengthens and empowers us to deliberately share the love of Jesus Christ, observing all that He has commanded us, with each other, our community, and the world. You are most welcome to join us in this great enterprise at Otey Memorial, Sunday at 8:50 & 11, weekdays at 7:30 & 4:30.

Each of our two Sunday morning services celebrate the Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion, Mass), but each also has its own style and energy. Find which one seems right for you. Our preachers aspire to faithfully hand on the words of Holy Scripture rightly understood and interpreted within the Tradition of the Church.

Mid-week worship occurs daily with Morning and Evening Prayer, at the times indicated.

Participating in worship is the threshold to discipleship and service, and as such is characteristic of all lay leaders. The most important role is to be a praying, responsive member of the congregation, but for those interested, there are many opportunities to help lead worship.

In the Holy Sacraments and complementary music of praise we are transformed by our worship and taken to an altogether deeper experience of God's presence in our midst. As a necessary corollary, by our stewardship Christ calls us to be transformed in our spiritual, physical, relational and financial lives. How might our whole lives praise and honor the God who loves us?

In the Episcopal Church liturgy is a kind of dance with many roles and players. We proudly defer to the unrevised Book of Common Prayer for every service. If you're new to an Anglican service, it may seem as if you're at a dance where everyone knows the steps but you. Relax and observe, and pray in quiet. If you like you are most welcome to make an appointment with the priest who will gladly explain, coach, and encourage you to appreciate the beauty of worshipping God in concert with generations of Christians, the saints below and the saints arrived.