Our Staff




The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Lamborn

Telephone (931) 598-5926           Email: oteyparishrector@gmail.com


Deacon Elizabeth K. Carpenter, Director of the Community Action Committee 

Telephone (931) 598-5927            Email: cacoteyparish@gmail.com


The The Rev. Regan Schutz, Curate

Telephon: (931) 598-5926         Email: reganschutz@gmail.com


Frieda Hawkins Gipson, Parish Administrator, Otey Notes Editor

Telephone: (931) 598-5926          Email: oteyparish@gmail.com


Diane Fielding, Financial Administrative Assistant

Telephone (931) 598-5926             Email: oteyfinance@gmail.com


Kathy Sturgis, Organist and Music Director

Telephone: (931) 598-5997       Email: musicotey@gmail.com


Neil Patterson, Director of Youth Ministry

Telephone: (931) 598-5997          Email: fotmotey@gmail.com


Jeannie Babb, Christian Formation Director

Telephone: (931) 598-5926          Email: oteyformation@gmail.com