Message from our Rector


From the Rector—the Season of Advent


         The origins of Advent are obscure, but the season was observed in some form by the 400s.  The word means "coming," or more specifically, "coming to."  In Advent we prepare for the coming of Christ--by the fourth Sunday looking forward to the baby born to Mary, but on the first Sunday at Christ's Second Coming in glorious majesty at the end of the age.  On the second and third Sundays, John the Baptist announces (one might say warns people about) the earthly ministry of the adult Jesus. 

A blessing from The Book of Occasional Services reflects the dual nature of this holy season: "May you, who rejoice in the first Advent of our Redeemer, at his second Advent be rewarded with unending life."

As a season of preparation, Advent shares some things with Lent, but it also differs significantly.  While Lent is focused on penitence, Advent is a season of joyful expectation. "Alleluia," omitted during Lent, continues to be sung and said in the season of Advent.  Advent vestments may be purple (as may Lent vestments) or they may be blue, and on the third Sunday (known as "Gaudete Sunday"), rose vestments  may be used.  Altar decorations are more muted, but still present, during the season.

The Advent wreath symbolizes our growing hope with additional light as a candle is added each week, even as darkness grows in the natural world by the days getting shorter and shorter.  This, we pray each year, will lead us to the blaze of glory that is the true Light of the World


Please note as indicated on the schedule that the late Christmas Eve service will take place at 10:00pm with musical prelude at 9:30 this year!


Thank you to seminarian Chris Wilkerson who did the second half of his field education at Otey Parish this fall!  Chris has been a joy to work with and a blessing to the parish.  


Rob Lamborn