Prayer List


Anglican Cycle of Prayer: the work of the Anglican Centre in Rome

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St. James Church, Sewanee

Pray for the sick and suffering and those who have asked our prayers: Kenny Alexander, Sr., Thad Andras, Caroline Myers Baird, Stephen Carter, Linda Cheadle, Nancy Chase, Sally Franklin, Phebe Hethcock, Patrick Irwin, Mike Jones, Bob Keele, Luwin Lewis, Howell Lynch, Mainuddin Ahmed, Flaget and Larry Nally, Henry Schneider, Mary Sears, Sam Williamson, Liz Workman, George Karen. Those in military service, those experiencing religious persecution, and those others we name.

Pray for those celebrating birthdays: Lizzie Duncan, Julie Elrod, Christine Asmussen, Ed Hawkins, Jessica Grammer,Lee Stapleton, Rich Westling, Beth Charlton, Virginia Craighill, Melissa Goodson, Evan Jones, Pierce Myers, Laticia Harris