Fire On The Mountain

On Sunday, August 16 the Youth Ministry Committee (Neil Patterson, Stephanie Hiers, Andrew Farrer, Pete Trenchi, Reagan Schutz attending) met to plan FOTM events for the fall. Below is a tentative schedule for FOTM for the fall.


First FOTM event: FOTM has been asked to organize games for children during August 30 picnic and job fair. Neil Patterson will bring some things for games in the front yard of Brooks Hall and we will have a couple of youth supervising in the playground. Please let Neil know if you can come.  


Our second event this fall will be a canoe trip on Sunday, September 6. This is a joint HS/MS event.  We will leave Otey/Brooks Hall at 12:15 and return by 5:30.  We will be doing a 2 hour (paddling) trip on the Elk River downstream from Tim’s Ford Lake. Bring your own lunch and something to drink/water.  An email with attachments has been sent out to current FOTM members and other Otey youth.   If you did not receive this email, but wish to come on this and other FOTM events, please contact Neil Patterson at or call at the numbers listed below to have them emailed to you.  You can return the forms to the Youth Director mail box in Brooks Hall, mail them to Neil Patterson, Youth Director, Otey Parish, PO Box 267, Sewanee, TN 37375.  You can also scan them and email them to Neil.


Our third FOTM event will be for high school students.  We will meet at the Patterson’s house (64 John Allin Drive, Sewanee) from 4:00 to 5:30 on Sunday, September 13.  We will make pizzas and watch and discuss a movie clip or TV show.  Amy Patterson will lead this meeting.


Our fourth FOTM event is a joint HS/MS event.  It is a Sons and Daughters of Abraham (SADOA) event in Nashville on Sunday, September 20.  Exact times and places are yet to be determined, but we are looking at about a 5-6 hour commitment to travel to/from Nashville and to have fellowship and a meal with students from Muslim and Jewish youth groups. Ask Betty Carpenter or Neil Patterson (or any FOTM youth who has gone to a previous SADOA event) if you want to know more.  


Our final FOTM event for September is on the 27th and is food and fun at St. James church.  This is open to all FOTM HS and MS members, their families, and FOTM supporters.  Time is yet to be determined, but we are currently looking at 12:30 to 3:00PM.  Come and eat and have outdoor fun at St. James’ great new playground and picnic area.