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Adult Forum and Contemporary Christian Voices

Since the end of August the Adult Forum has featured a series of presentations on Contemporary Christian Voices.  Some of them have been controversial.  At the first one, Robert Lamborn focused on a book by a former white supremacist who had found life after hatred.  This was followed the next week by Karen Meredith’s presentation on the Episcopal Church’s response to the  events in Charlottesville, Virginia, that had included a confrontation between demonstrators and counter-demonstrators over the issue of Confederate monuments.  She talked about Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s letter about the Church as the beloved community.  Nathaniel Darville showed in his presentation on the Book of Common Prayer that Baptism and the Eucharist linked religion and politics in their teaching about the Christian community.

Another focus has been on the current state of Africa.  There was a detailed report by the members of the Patterson family, Amy, Neil, and their two children, Sophia and Isabel, on their spring semester in Ghana.  Amy taught politics at the University of Ghana, supervised a group of American students, and pursued her research on African health problems.  Sophia and Isabel, who studied at a private school at which their father taught, recalled their own experiences and sense of identity.  Neil analyzed the religious composition of Ghana and the state of its society.  At another session James Tengatenga, formerly bishop of Malawi, talked about the Anglican Communion in Africa and elsewhere and showed the strain put upon the world-wide Anglican Church by differences among the member churches.  Recently, Sally Hubbard reported on her return to Uganda this past summer.  She focused on the work of the Canon Gideon Foundation, especially the work of the Hope Institute, an Anglican educational institution.  All three presentations showed that the continent has flourishing Christian churches as well as many serious challenges to contend with.

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Adult Education, Claiborne Parish House

The weekly lectionary is the basis for our facilitated discussion of scripture. Themes contained in the reading(s) are identified and discussion then is centered on life application. Our primary focus is upon the Gospel with the other readings referenced as support for Gospel themes.

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